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Find all the professionals involved in your care

What we do for you ?

We help you find the right health care structure, and the right practitioners, in relation to your medical situation.

We make it easy for you to find, understand and prepare for medical examinations.

How ?

To ensure that your search is efficient, we have set up an advanced search system to guarantee that you will be fully taken care of.

For better care, you have access to information on the progress of the various medical examinations.

Alphath services

A powerful search engine

Use a relevant search engine integrating all data related to imaging techniques, medical examinations, specific medical care... See

Support from preparation to the day of your examinations

We explain the protocols of your examinations, the preparation and the course for a better apprehension and management. See

Optimised appointment scheduling

After finding the right practitioner, book an appointment online 24/7.

Medical imaging side...


Access management information for the different imaging techniques and locate the health professionals who have this equipment.